Charlie Kasov

Charlie Kasov

Comedian, Writer, Swell Guy.

I'm a comedy writer for MTV News, Pride Incredulous, and The Freelancer. I'm too old for memes, but they're so darn fun to make...

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5 Rejected Logos For Florida's Pro-Business Ad Campaign

these are fake rejected logos based on the controversial logo designed for florida's ad campaign to attract business...

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What Every Man Thinks When His Girlfriend Talks About Her Ex

When you get into a relationship, you and your girl are going to compare each other to past flames --or past socks if she's your first....

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Things To Focus On When Meeting The Parents [Infographic]

A funny pie chart explaining what's important to focus on when you meet your girlfriend's parents...

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Patriotic Hangover Remedies For The 5th Of July

Red, white and blue hangover cures to help you celebrate America, replenish your nutrients and (maybe) hold back your puke....